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Cost-efficient processes and around-the-clock availability

There is a single reason for our existence: our customers’ satisfaction. We are not awarded customer contracts for nothing. We are not a state-owned institution that can rely on receiving orders from government departments and public authorities as a matter of fact. For us, the only thing that counts is competitiveness. We do not receive subsidies or funds. We work hard to gain our customers’ trust – day after day. Our success comes exclusively from cost-efficient processes, rigorously high standards and around-the-clock availability.


Monea is an expert in selecting, manufacturing and using coins. Our clients are predominantly Central Banks, Government Ministries and Mints. They value our independent expertise and commitment to our mission: to provide efficient solutions for coin-based payment transactions.

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The production of coin blanks with the latest state-of-the-art technology is the focus of our production facility in Slovakia. Our Team manufactures coin blanks from stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy as well as electroplated steel. We realize galvanic surfaces with copper, nickel or brass in one, two or more layers. All coin materials can be produced in mono- or bicolor.

It is the customers' demand that decide!

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As a producer, we live every day our passion for efficient and environmental friendly production processes. We are proud that our coin blanks are being produced waste water free and on basis of the ISO 14001 environmental management system, representing highest standards of our esteemed customers.

Being pioneers in the safe demonetization and recycling of coins, our Decoiner machines have been meeting the demands of more than 30 Central Banks and Mints in 27 countries for almost 20 years. The demonetized coins can be directly reused for the production of new coins, forming efficiently a closed coin cycle.

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