In good Company


Global economies function due to the use of efficient forms and means of payment, and our decisions about which products and services we buy are governed by our relevant expectations. It is our expectations regarding the value and quality of means of payment that allow transactions to proceed, and transactions in turn drive economies.

Monea has set itself the task of making coins, bank notes and electronic forms of payment secure, efficient and practical.

We differentiate ourselves from the majority of our competitors: We are independent and private. We are not associated with any government bodies or institutions and are not funded by contracts from any organisation. We win business based exclusively on price, quality and service. Our performance aims at nothing but your satisfaction.


At the heart of our own site, as well as those of our cooperation partners, is the industrial mass production of coin blanks using state-of-the-art plant technology. We offer our international customers security against unexpected events such as disruption due to strikes, water, storm or other damage.

Our product portfolio comprises full-alloy, stainless steel, aluminium and electroplated circular blanks. We are your one-stop shop for any type of available materials – it is your needs that count!

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